Florida’s Top High Schools

U.S. News and World Report high school rankings are out.  Thirteen Florida schools made the top 100.  To achieve that ranking, data is collected on the state reading and math scores.  Schools that perform better than expected are identified.  This includes disadvantaged students who score better than the state average for comparable groups e.g. minority and low income groups.  The college readiness index include students’ scores on AP tests. Graduation rates are also factored into the rankings.

Rankings never tell the whole story.  The list below gives the national rank for Florida’s top schools along with the percentage of students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.   If you go to the U.S. News and World Report site, you can click on each school to get a glimpse of their curriculum.  Note how innovative most schools seem to be.  Note also that only two of the thirteen top Florida schools are charters.





  • Pineview                                            (13) Sarasota                (13% FRL)
  • Design and Architecture  School       (22) Miami-Dade          (37% FRL)
  • International Studies Charter            (24) Miami                     (63% FRL)*
  • International Studies Prep                (31) Coral Gables         (50% FRL)
  • Westshore Junior Senior High         (32) Melbourne             (20% FRL)
  • Stanton College Prep                      (36) Jacksonville            (14% FRL)
  • Edgewood                                       (50) Merritt Island          (13% FRL)
  • Young Women’s Prep                     (52) Miami                     (63% FRL)
  • Suncoast Community High             (53) Riviera Beach         (32% FRL)
  • Alexander W. Dreyfus Arts              (78) West Palm Beach  (23% FRL)
  • Archimedian                                    (81)  Miami-Dade           (55% FRL)*
  • Jose Martin Mast                            (88) Miami-Dade)            (76% FRL)
  • Mast Academy                                (100) Miami-Dade)         (23% FRL)




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