Florida State Board of Ed Approves Background Checks

qualification-692088_1280The State Board of Education not only approved business background checks for charter operators who want to open new schools…





the Florida Department of Education will create a database for districts to use.  The ruling will help screen out applicants who have closed financially troubled charters in the past and are trying again.

The gradual recognition that free market school systems generate their own set of problems can help curb abuses.  Allowing anyone who can fill out a form to open a charter was one of the more egregious examples.  There are others due to a lack of operational oversight by charter boards or ill defined objectives of charter and tax credit scholarship programs.

When we get to the point that school grades alone do not represent quality, we can make some meaningful improvements to our educational system.  The type of enrollment manipulation that results in high achieving schools because they attract high achieving students does nothing to improve educational quality.  It is one of those ‘the rich get richer’ policies.

Little by little, things can improve.  This was a good step forward.



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