Failure Factories: Your Worst Nightmare

child-513468_1280We have all heard about violence in some schools.  This second piece in the Tampa Bay Times on the Pinellas County failing schools should have a disturbing warning.  It is not disturbing, it is frightening.  Ignoring problems makes them worse, much worse.

I hesitated to post this story, but we need to know what happens when those who can, flee and refuse to deal with who is left.  This is the picture that some paint about the impact of socio-economic resegregation of our schools.  We can avoid this scenario if we have the will and the common sense not to divide our communities.  Behaviors can be managed if the children receive the help they need.

The story is called: Lessons in Fear.  The message is to address problems, not to hide from them.  The long term cost is to all of us.  Look for some of the solutions mentioned.

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