Judge Denies Children Access to Fourth Grade

FAILED1Judge Gievers upheld the Opt-Out parents complaint against districts who denied promotion to children who signed in to take the Florida Standards Assessment this spring.  She did not, however, require districts to promote those children without completing a portfolio to demonstrate their proficiency.  Some parents withdrew their children from school.  Some used a portfolio option.  The problem for at least one parent is that the portfolio option required scores on other tests to be included.  Since the entire promotion process is under review in the appeals court, Judge Gievers has decided that the courts need time to ponder.  Maybe she is correct.  Let’s consider the implications of her decision.

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PBS Airs Show on Florida Education

From Pat  Hall


florida-this-weekPat wanted you to know about a special edition of Rob Lorei’s Florida This Week.  This show is on education and airs THURSDAY (not the usual Friday show) at 9 PM on PBS.  One of the panelists is Liana Fox who reports that she plugged the League’s work on charter schools.  Here is a link that lists the rest of the  impressive line-up.

The PBS station airs in the Hillsborough County area.

Is Best and Brightest Bonus Doomed?

dollar-726881_1280The Tampa Bay Times reported that the State Board of Education (SBE) Vice Chair, John Padget has called for eliminating the teacher bonus based on SAT scores.  The money for the program has been allocated in the budget, but the law has to be renewed this coming session.  Erik Fresen, who championed the measure is no longer in the legislature.  Pam Stewart, Florida’s Commissioner of Education, is looking at the impact of the program on teacher retention and will report back to the SBE.