Taking Time to Smell the Roses

rosesI am off on a tangent.  This is not the same as a vacation.  The legislative session is over, and it is time to mull over what happened and did not happen.  Where shall we put our energies for next year?


As the thoughts about the inadequacies of charter school oversight were spinning in my head, I saw a field of roses.  Hmmm, it must be time to smell them and let these ideas mature.  So, I am cultivating my garden of ideas.

If you send things, I will post them, but I will spend the next week or so doing some digging.  It must be spring.


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  1. Take time to enjoy the flowers and do some good thinking. You’re right, now is the time to plan for next year.

  2. Thanks for all you are doing. Please impress the state board about the importance of education issues.

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