League Responds to Push for Vouchers

child speakingFlorida Tax Credit Vouchers are a drain on our educational system and do nothing to solve academic problems.  More and more they are beginning to look like pandering to political groups.  See the League’s response to calls for ending the lawsuit opposing the vouchers.  Protecting public schools and pushing for needed support is the way to solve inequities in education.

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  1. Step Up for Students wrote off $166,376 of FTC Program accounts receivable for 28 schools.

    They had $1.2M in accounts receivables due back from voucher schools that were paid in error. These unused scholarship funds would go back into the Florida General Fund. SUFS is going to ask the DOE to attempt to collect the money. SUFS gets a %age of the funds for administration, so they should be doing collections. That is $1.3M that could be going to schools, repairing roads and bridges, healthcare etc. Public schools could have purchased 13,000 textbooks or hired 52 teacher aides for what SUFS wrote off as bad debt or has sitting around in accounts receivables.

    According to the Step Up for Students IRS 990, they spent $350K on travel, $618K for advertising and promotion, $196K for lobbying, $34K for conferences, and $245K printing and postage. Public schools could have purchased 6,182 textbooks or hired 25 teacher aides for what SUFS spent on advertising.

    Here is a link to annual reports. Donors are on pp 15-16 of 2014-15 report.

    AT&T, Bealls, CVS, Walgreens, Circle K, Denney’s, Winn-Dixie, Sonic Drive In, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fossil, Gap, Lowes, Marriott and Wyndham no longer get any of my money.

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