HB 7069 Education Train Bill Needs to be Vetoed


The Senate narrowly passed SB7069 with a 20-18 vote.  There are reasons for concern.  The best  course now is to urge Governor Scott to veto the bill.  Here’s why:

  1. 1) For local districts to share local capital outlay with charter schools is untenable.  It will cost districts already struggling with aging facilities, millions of dollars.
  2. 2) The Schools of Hope proposal allocates $140 million for charter school takeovers of low performing public schools.  Yet, the CREDO Urban Cities report just published a devastating account of poor charter school academic performance in Florida cities.

3) Creating High Impact Charter Systems that control groups of charters surely must stress the Florida constitutional requirement for a ‘uniform system of high quality schools’.  These charter systems become their own local education agencies.  This is a legal term that is now allocated for elected school boards.  The charter systems would be able to receive funding directly with no oversight from districts.

4) Allocating Title I funds to individual students in many schools will spread funding  too thinly to support extra reading, tutoring and other services many children need.

5) Without funds in the State budget for teacher raises, the looming teacher shortage will increase.

Why would Florida want to advertise itself as anti education to a world where academic achievement attracts the kind of business and industry we seek?  This bill is the result of destructive behind closed door power politics, not rational public interest.

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  1. Just sent an email to Governor Scott asking him to veto the education train bill:

    Schools of Hope are an extortionist plot to funnel more students into charter schools and more public funds into private pockets. Once again testing and manipulated ratings would be used to help corporate vandals deliver another financial blow to public education.

    What is even more disturbing is that some state legislators like Corcoran and Diaz are invested in the charter industry. At one time this was called an unethical conflict of interest. Now it seems like business as usual.

    We’re in a watershed moment for public schools. How can we really claim to care about our future if we neglect our most important investment, our children.

    Sue, you are batting a thousand with your reports on Diane Ravitch’s blog. Not to mention your great efforts organizing all education committees throughout the state to work in unison to reject privatization legislation. Please sent out another reminder for our next Wednesday teleconference call at 5 o’clock. It is so important for all of us to be in touch. We will all meet, as you said, at the state convention in Ft. Lauderdale this June for a workshop to iron out objectives and strategies. What a plus it is for Florida to have you and Pat chairing LWF state education department. Thank you both.

  2. I called Gov Scott’s office this morning. Suggest everyone else do the same. 850-717-9337 and ask to speak with someone in his office

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