Florida For-profit Charter Chain Racketeering Charge

How often do we need to hear the same thing before the legislature will act. For profit charter management is an open invitation to fraud. These charter management companies have hidden affiliated companies that do what they want out of public view.

Tbo News reports that racketeering charges have been filed against Marcus May and his associate who run 15 Newpoint charter schools in Florida (Bay County, Jacksonville, Hillsborough, Pinellas). The story underscores the League’s constant refrain: The Legislature must enact measures to correct charter school fraud and abuse. For the past two years, the legislature has rejected first Senator Gaetz’s call for reform legislation and then Senator Simmon’s measures to correct charter mismanagement. What does it take to get action?

These Newpoint related companies are a maze of legal entities that are banded together to make it impossible for local citizens to know where their tax payer dollars are going. Newpoint’s affiliated companies include School Warehouse and Red Ignition. They overcharged for computers, filed fake enrollment reports, extracted large fees, and used money to pay for expensive vacations, personal home, and on and on.

Fifty-seven million dollars of public money was given to this group. Millions were stolen. Initially they were under investigation for giving fake grades to students. Now they face charges of grand theft, money laundering, and white collar crime along with their racketeering charges. They recognize no limits.

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  1. They should make these thieves pay back the $57 MILLION they stole from the tax payers. They should make them and the FL legislators take out loans, attach their pay and force them to sell their homes – whatever it takes to pay back the millions they stole from the tax payers. They should make an example out of this to ensure it doesn’t happen again and if it does- they need to make the FL legislators that voted to continue the fraud, racketeering and money laundering under HB 7069 pay back the millions that they voted to give to these fraud charter schools. It’s pathetic that the FL legislators continue to favor the for-profit, not accountable to the tax payers, scam charter schools over our public schools when there is no evidence whatsoever proving that charter schools provide a better education than public schools. There are studies proving our public schools provide an excellent education over charter schools. WHY would the FL legislators vote to expand charter schools when there is such a massive history of blatant fraud, scam and racketeering? WHY? Because half of them own charter schools or have family members that do. It’s really pathetic and sad that these people have been elected by the voters of FL to represent them and do the right thing when the FL legislators do the complete opposite…..they hurt our kids with their greedy decisions to fund charter schools and defund our public schools. They will NOT be re-elected and should hang their heads in shame. What they have done is absolutely despicable.

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