CRC: Nothing Subtle About This

The first Commission on the Constitutional Revision Committee has filed his proposals to amend the Florida Constitution. The one that struck me immediately was P0004 filed by Roberto Martinez. He simply struck the language prohibiting taking money from the State or political subdivisions or agency from the public treasury and giving it to religious denomination, church or sect.

Basically, this would enable vouchers to private schools which the Florida Constitution now prohibits

The voters would have to approve this amendment.

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  1. An epic battle is brewing. If taxpayers ever cared about the survival of public schools, this is the time to leap into action. If the public doesn’t vote this down, it will absolutely kill public schools. Already, the state’s “work around” to award private school vouchers (by diverting tax money BEFORE it reaches the state budget) already totals over $700 million/ year statewide. By the 2019-20 school year, the total dedicated to private school vouchers will be well over $1 BILLION statewide going to private schools. If the FL Constitution is stripped of the language preventing taxpayer money going to religious causes/schools, it is over. Nothing will constrain the FL Legislature ‘s long-sought goal of privatizing public education. Of course, this is Betsy DeVos’s dream, and she calls Florida “the model for the nation.z’

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