Brevard Schools Proactive on Informing Public about Impact of Testing

by Maria Seemer

The announcement for the Brevard School Board’s legislative platform comes with a series of public information events to explain the need for revisions to K-12 legislation in the upcoming session of the Florida Legislature.  The School Board of Brevard County Legislative Platform details changes in procedures and funding to make a more equitable educational system.  Brevard County School District is developing a series of video events to explain the impact of assessment on remediation and retention, the district calendar, teacher evaluation and compensation, course passage and graduation, and the use of instructional technology. Additional segments will explain dual enrollment, the need to restore the .5 mil for capital projects, and how paying beyond the full day impacts public education.

An explanation of the Brevard legislative platform is included.

  1. Revise legislation to create a thoughtful, quality, and sustainable assessment and accountability system in Florida.
  2. Create a sustainable and adequate source of funding.
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