Arne Duncan to Resign in December

John King Jr.

John King Jr.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will resign at the end of the year.  His replacement will be Deputy Secretary John King Jr.  Mr. King was Commissioner of Education in New York prior to going to D.C.  in January 2015.

A NY Times article about King’s departure from New York stated that King was the center of a contentious debate about testing, teacher evaluation and training and charter schools.  He oversaw the first administration of the Common Core tests in New York and was firm in his commitment to the test and evaluation system.  He was named in a lawsuit filed by a teacher’s union and parents over a property tax cap that they argued would further the funding gap between wealthy and poor districts.  The NY State United Teachers Union gave King a vote of no confidence last spring lobbied against his appointment.

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  1. The Network for Public Education assigned an “F” to the selection of John King as a replacement to Arne Duncan, who recently resigned as Secretary of Education.

    John King is going to speed up the Opt Out movement according to Jeanette Deuterman -founder of Long Island Opt Out. “He was relentless in pushing the inappropriate Common Core Standards flawed curriculum, defective exams, and invalid teacher evaluation system in our schools, all of which caused more than 200,000 parents to opt out of the NY state exams last spring”.

    NPE Board member Leonie Haimsin said under King’s leadership, NY was the worst state in the country on the issue of student privacy, and the only one in which it took an act of Legislation to pull out “inBloom” (a secret data mining company funded by The Gates Foundation).

    Kings appointment makes it even more critical that Congress act with deliberate speed in reforming NCLB.

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