Will Eagle Arts Charter Close?

The two principals resigned as did many teachers. Eagle Arts founder, Gregory Blount is not paying his teacher salaries. He is busy paying money to his own company. This is not the first time this has happened. Word has gotten around about the financial irregularities, and many students have withdrawn. This Palm Beach charter school is down to 425 students, and money is running short. Blount is getting loans from local banks. Teachers are asked to wait for their checks.

Palm Beach has had other charter failures. Wellington charter has a 90 day warning to rectify its financial status. The founder is paying his company from school funds for ‘branding’ software. This self dealing is rampant in Florida.

Florida leads the nation is charter closures. Where is the oversight? Why does the legislature fail to act? Is it because so many in the leadership have their own charters?? Charters are public in name only. They are publically funded but privately managed. The children lose.

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