Some Good News for Public Education

day-838784_1280Sometimes it helps to hold on to hope!  Yesterday, the value of public education was affirmed in at least four states.






California:  Voters continued a four billion dollar income tax on high earners, half of which will go to public education.  To support public school facilities, voters approved billions in bonds.  They also reinstated dual language instruction to help immigrant students.

Georgia:  Citizens voted down legislation to allow the state the authority to take over local schools.

Minnesota:   Minneapolis citizens voted in four pro teacher, pro public school board members, and ousted two incumbents.  They also approved their school referendum by a large percentage.

Massachusetts:  Voters denied the state the authority to lift the cap on the number of charter schools.

I am not certain how much good news for public schools happened in Florida yesterday, but one thing DID happen.  Voters in Alachua County reaffirmed the One Mill referendum to support art, music, guidance counselors, technology, and magnet programs.


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