KIPP Keeps A Secret

top-secret-1076813_1280In this repost from Diane Ravitch, one of the most troubling aspects of privatizing our schools is underscored…we do not know what is going on.  The business practices on charter management companies have always been hidden in a cloak of secrecy.  Why this is so in many states raises alarms.  Incidences of charter fraud, waste and abuse have been documented across the country.

Now we learn that the federal government is complicit in hiding information that most public schools must disclose.  Ravitch cites a report from the Center for Media and Democracy about disclosure protection for KIPP schools.  Under an arrangement with the U.S. Department of Education, KIPP does not have to report its student attrition and graduation rates.  Why not?  Based on older reports, the data are too revealing.  KIPP lost 40% of its students between middle school and high school graduation.

You can read more on KIPP in this blog.  KIPP is one of the largest charter chains.  A member of the Florida State Board of Education has brought two KIPP charters to Duval County.

Are KIPP Charters the Answer?  Depends upon the question…

Toeing the Line at KIPP?


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  1. At least you can find the info in Florida.

    KIPP Impact Middle School
    2011 5th grade 83 2014 8th grade 75

    2011 6th grade 91 2013 8th grade 70

    2012 5th grade 83 2015 8th grade 66

    Disabled in 2011 13.8% 2015 10%

    ELL 0% 2011 through 2015

    Economic disadvantaged 71.3% 2011 14.7% 2015

    And they still got a “D” grade.

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