Free Speech? Not in Florida

ProPublica details the latest denial of free speech in Florida. This time the target is the League of Women Voters. You need to read this article; it will make your hair curl.

ProPublica states: “The league revealed that it had been denied permission by the Florida Department of Management Services to hold an outdoor rally on the steps of the Old Capitol in Tallahassee under a new DeSantis administration rule requiring groups to first get sponsorship from a sympathetic state agency”.

The League is not easily deterred. Read the article to find out what the League did with a roll of red tape. It is classic. Three cheers to the League.

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  1. The state is a war zone. Attacks are galore, and with a supermajority in our legislature, the governor of Florida’s ego is out of control. Florida is not a free state. Idiotic bills that only help half of the Floridians are rampant. Thank you LWV for standing up for all Floridians.

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