Florida Testing Bill Signed into Law

legislation1The Florida legislature passed the testing bill HB 7069 and Governor Scott signed it today.  There is more in the bill than just the reduction of the testing requirement to no more than 5% of the total number of school days.  Annual statewide testing remains.

I copied the staff analysis of the bill.  It requires an independent review of the Florida Standards Assessment, and the ‘A-F’ school grading system or student results will not be reported until after the study is completed.  The change in the reading requirement for promotion to 4th grade made it into law.

  The law HB7069 allows:

  • School start date as early as August 10th.
  • Repeals 11th grade ELA assessment and the high school PERT (remedial test).
  • Prohibits administration of final exams in addition to statewide, standardized EOC assessments: Algebra I, II, Geometry, Biology I, U.S. History, and Civics.
  • Provides flexibility to districts to monitor the reading proficiency of K-3 students and address the needs of students who struggle in reading and mathematics.
  • Streamlines provisions related to 4th grade promotion and district K-12 reading plans. (Students must attain a level 2 or higher on the ELA assessment and read at grade level.  Retained students at grade 3 may be promoted when they demonstrate the beginning level of reading for grade 4.
  • …allows district employees to administer state assessments.
  • …requires a uniform assessment calendar and timely reporting of results.
  • …requires that teachers be provided certain student performance information, if available.
  • grants districts greater flexibility in measuring student performance not related to state assessments.
  • revises teacher performance by reducing student and instructional performance measures to one-third each
  • requires the DOE to publish district and state comparison results.
  • allows certain Title I high schools to receive school recognition awards if funds are available.






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