Escape: A Short Story on Ed Reform

escapeThis is a story told by a former data analyst from New York City schools.  He provides the data to show the selectivity of the Success Academy schools in Harlem.

It is a compelling story.

We have heard it before:  the charters have many fewer students who are ELL, have disabilities, etc.  He has numbers and detailed policy requests to back them up.  It is time to face the fact that reform is about escaping problems, not educating children.  His conclusions get to the heart of the matter.  It is about who we are and what really needs to change.  See his letter in this post from Diane Ravitch’s blog.

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  1. Thanks Sue for sending this. The numbers are not surprising to me. And they are driven to a great extent by the reform policy that forces both public schools and charters to live and die by their scores. Combine that with money to be made from the huge pot of education funds with for profit charter corporations whose real mission in making money not educating children and you have tragic outcomes for America’s school children, especially the poorest ones.

    But it also is affecting middle class families more and more. And they are participating in the Opt Out movement keeping their children from taking the tests. This sets up a conflict between the schools who desperately need good test scores in order to survive and middle class families whose children generally provide those scores. None of this is good for children.

  2. We have to pay attention. These facts are so important, and we are not understanding the real problems. I just sent this post out to eight of my friends…

    Sue Dudley

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