Do You Know Which of Your Charters is in Trouble?

auditWho is in trouble in your county?  The other day I posted the 2015 Florida Auditor General’s report on charter schools.  Today, I happened to look at that report again.  I scrolled down to find the list of charter schools in trouble.  Goodness, I found 3 of them were located in Alachua County.  You might want to see which ones are located in your area.

There are several tables in the report.  You can find out the range of financial deficits and which charters were not financially viable.  The list of charters with material weaknesses.  These are serious.  They indicate that the internal control procedures used in the charters raise a reasonable possibility that a ‘misstatement of financial statements will not be prevented, or corrected or detected in a timely basis.  Healthy Learning Academy in Alachua County is one of these.

If you scroll down to the Appendix, there is a list of charters, by county, that includes charters operated with a net asset deficit.  Alachua County has two of these:  Hoggetowne Middle School and Micanopy Middle School.  Hoggetowne has now closed.

Curiously enough, the operator of Hoggetowne and his wife were also the board members of the local charter that imploded last month.  He still is the chair of the board of that school.


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