Education Bills Passed in 2016

legislation1Some of you have interest in particular education legislation.  Here is a list of what was passed in the 2016.  The school choice and principal autonomy bills passed.  I have not reviewed all of the others, but if you would like to see one, just google it e.g. “SB 0012 Florida 2016.”

The topics are varied and include health, mental health, social problems, students with disabilities, Bright Futures and transportation.  Some funding bills passed as well.  Nice that so many of the really destructive bills did not make it.

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The Legislature’s Education Train

by Paula Dockery

locomotive-60539_1280Paula is a syndicated columnist and member of the Florida LWV Board.  She wrote a column summarizing the Florida legislative session.  I extracted her description of the process in developing education policy this year.  I personally thought of it as a ping pong match.  She uses the analogy of a train.  This train kept criss crossing the tracks.  Enjoy her description.

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What Did NOT Pass this Session

FAILED1We know a long train of education proposals passed this legislative session.  What did the Florida legislature NOT pass?  The Tampa Bay Times produced a quick summary.





  • Computer coding will not replace a foreign language requirement.
  • Best and Brightest bonus will be funded next year but not made permanent.
  • Nationally normed alternatives to the FSA did not make it.
  • Constitutional amendment for a statewide charter authorizer failed to pass.
  • Elected Commissioner of Education was rejected.
  • School recess and changes to reading instruction did not pass.

We will review what DID pass tomorrow.


Florida Education on Trial

justicePublicity for the Florida Citizens for Strong Schools trial has begun.  The actual trial starts March 14th.  Here’s an extensive report with pictures:  Florida Education on Trial.  Take a look.

The arguments are outlined.  The people are identified.  When the actual trial starts, we will be sending out daily snippets on highlights.  Much depends on this trial.  Hope you tune in.

Senate Session has overlapping Education Bills

legislation1SB 524 has the same improved charter school management provisions embedded in HB 7029.  See line 1447 in HB 7029.

HB 7043  relates to performance standards for higher education, and it includes the Best and Brightest program.

The Senate is meeting this morning.  7029 was put on temporary postponement at about 11am.

The LWVF supports the improvement in charter school management in these bills.

New Omnibus Bills Pass Senate Appropriations

japan-82123_1280The two new bills heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee today were not really new.  Senator Gaetz collapsed a number of existing bills into two omnibus bills.  The recess bill did not get included.  The limit on capital outlay for public school facilities was included.

The second bill relates to early childhood education, open enrollment, dual enrollment, private school sports participation, and charter school accountability.

These bills move on next week.  A lot of negotiation will happen between the House and the Senate.  The specifics follow:


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What Matters in Early Childhood Education

teacher-590109_1280It is no secret that early childhood is important, under staffed, and under enrolled.  Where do you start in recommending improvements in standards and staffing?  How is quality measured?  Which are the most critical priorities to improve care?  The Florida Association for the Education of Young Children did a survey.  We also compiled some legislative initiatives.

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