Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

justiceThe defense (Florida) in Citizens for Strong Schools argues that districts have enough money or can get enough through discretionary millage assessment on property taxes.  The problem they assert, is mismanagement and a reordering of priorities.  Do they have a point?   You can check out this claim in your local districts.  We are looking into budget priorities in Alachua County.  We have also looked at the state audits of the district in past years.  The hard choices they suggest are destructive choices.  They can rob the programs that the State brags about to help improve conditions for at risk kids.  Some choices are just bad choices.

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SLC Trial Update: Duval Superintendent Testimony

justiceSuperintendent Vitti’s testimony was a straight forward account of the demographic makeup of the county schools.  The district is 44% African American and 36% white and 11% Hispanic. Nearly half of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch (FRL).  About 56% of FRL students were below grade level, and their graduation rate was 67%.

How the needs of students are met was the subject of his testimony.  Are districts funded adequately to meet these needs?



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Meeting with the Black Caucus in Tallahassee

five for changeMonday three of us from 5forChange met with the group of legislators known as the Black Caucus.  We had been advised by our local representative, Clovis Watson, that we should talk to the broader black community.  He believed they would be supportive of our message about the need to preserve diversity in our public schools.  They were. We were able to explain the Citizens for Strong Schools lawsuit and why it mattered to each of us.

These are personal, emotional remarks from the heart by parents of children in our public schools.  We represented diversity just by looking at us.

Tarcha Rentz spoke first.  She is a former teacher who grew up in our community and received her Ph.D. in Special Ed. She held everyone’s attention.  Here are her remarks:

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League President Speaks Out for 5forChange

IMG_1273The Citizens for Strong Schools lawsuit comes to trial on March 14.  It will be a five week trial for the soul of our public schools.
Southern Legal Counsel, a non-profit public interest firm, is prosecuting the suit against the State of Florida’s educational policies.  The suit contents that the state does not meet Article IX of the Florida constitution:  …it is the paramount duty of the state to provide:  ...a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high quality system of free public schools…  
You can help.  A statewide support group, 5forChange, has been formed that is raising funds and awareness of the issues to be addressed in the suit.
Pam makes the Florida league’s position clear:
The decades long attack on the Florida public school system by our State officials must be stopped.  With support from parents, students and community members, our plea goes to the courts.  5forChange can mean BIG CHANGE for Florida’s educational future.”
Pamela Goodman
President, The League of Women Voters of Florida

LWVF Blasts House for Charter System Amendment

florida-historic-capitolThere is something about standing on the old capital steps on a beautiful day in Tallahassee.  The Florida League delegates to the Legislative Summit assembled to hear Senator Nelson not only praise the LWVF’s successful redistricting lawsuit, but also the possibility that a more thoughtful mix of legislators may result. The sunny day, the sense of possibility permeated the air.

Following Senator Nelson, Florida League President Pamela Goodman made a strong statement supporting Florida’s public school system.

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Parents Get Involved: You can too! Support Public Education

dollar-163473_1280A Gainesville parent with four children teamed up with a granddad who is a retired teacher.  They are spreading the word by organizing PTA and School Advisory Council meetings across the city.  Their campaign is to support the Citizen for Strong Schools lawsuit.

The lawsuit comes to trial in Tallahassee in March 2016.  The suit contends that Florida is shortchanging our children.  We are the third largest state with next to the bottom level of support for our schools.

They are passionate about public schools.  Read Rik’s article in the Gainesville Sun this week.  It is called:  Ensure Florida Adequately Funds Education.

There is now a website called Five for Change .  It has lots of information.  .  They are asking for a five dollar donation to support the lawsuit.  Think what could happen if a thousand people sent in a donation.  What a boost in morale it could be.  You can be counted.  Your organizations can be recognized on the webpage.

Florida League President, Pam Goodman endorses the campaign.  You can too where ever you live.  The suit helps all schools in Florida!

They are holding meetings all over the county.  Everyone interested in supporting public education is welcome.  The first one was at Eastside high school.  The next ones are in the media rooms at 6:30 pm on:

January 21st: Santa Fe High School

January 26th:  Gainesville High

February 2nd: Hawthorne High

February 9th: Buchholz High

February 11th: Newberry High