Hi Folks,

This past week I was told I need eye surgery. I am waiting for it to be scheduled. As a result, I have had to resign as the Florida League Education Chair. This blog will no longer represent the League. I am maintaining the blog for your convenience because of all the information in it. When I am able, I will add posts.

For now, you need to do nothing differently. I just wanted to let you know why not much will appear for awhile, especially once the surgery is performed.


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  1. I hope all goes well with your surgery & I will be looking forward to your return to this blog … & to the League.

  2. Quelle bummer! Can I bring you something to eat, either before or after surgery? I make some mighty fine peanut butter cookies and I do a mean meatloaf 352 335 3985.

  3. Sue, best of luck with your surgery, know how much your faithful readers outside Florida appreciate you, including this retired Professor of Neurology who is writing a book for parents on learning differences in the context of our current crisis concerning education.

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